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The SweetBeats blend sparkling vocals, luscious horns and deep dance beats, with a heady mix of original tunes, rare grooves and vintage dancehall classics.
Always lively, they bring colour and fun to any gig, with great stage sets and a fantastic sound, The SweetBeats are sure to fill the dance floor.

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Saturday 17th October, 7:30pm @ Norwich Arts Centre Tickets


What is Rocksteady?
The melodic, and soulful beat of Rocksteady is the missing link between 1960s upbeat Ska and chilled-down Reggae of early ‘70s Jamaica, which became popular for both street dances and dancehalls. The term rocksteady comes from a dance style that was more relaxed and mellower than the earlier wild skanking ska dances.

The Skatalites, Toots and Maytals, Baba Brooks, The Ethiopians, Roland Alphonso, Justin Hinds, The Pioneers, Wendy Rene, Jimmy Cliff, Alton Ellis.

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October 2015
Saturday 17th October, 7:30pm @ Norwich Arts Centre Tickets

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Filmed at Hindolveston 2013, and Epic Studios 2014. Bar B-Q (Brown-Cropper), Super Girl (Paffron-Hunt), Just Keep In Touch (West)


A selection of our favourites.

Photos by: Richard Shashamané, Jerry Tye, Corinne Appia-Ayme, Iain Meikle, JMA Photography, Luke Scott


Dance all night to the joyful sounds of The SweetBeats. Jamaica is where this music starts - the journey ends in bliss. The soaring saxophone and double-trouble trombone energise your soul while the sweet vocal harmonies entrance your heart. Chunkin rhythms and addictive riffs keep you rocking all night - Resistance is Futile!

Formed in 2003, The SweetBeats are an 8-piece Rocksteady dance band - the melodic, soulful missing link between 1960s upbeat SKA and chilled-down Reggae of early ‘70s Jamaica. With a selection of original songs and classic rare-grooves, a heady mix is brewed of irresistible harmonies, luscious horns and deep dance beats.

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While keeping the heart and soul of the music true to its roots, The SweetBeats add a twist to every tune, with nutty noises, an occasional frosting of Dub and hints of Motown, Northern Soul and Dancehall to sweeten the sound even further. Bringing colour, fun and style to their stage sets and snapper dapper outfits, The SweetBeats are favourites for any event. Come Do the Rocksteady.

Band Members:
Vocals & percussion - Saffron Paffron
Vocals & percussion - Sophie Fox
Sax - Laurie A'Court
Nutty synths & slidehorn - Professor Bonestawm
Thumpin Double Bass - The Kevster
Them Tinklin' keyboard fingers - C7 MacMenanmin
Chunkin' guitar stabs - Morgy West
Drums and the rhythm - Ollie Krol

Former members include: Mary Lovett, Gary Leach, Harry Burton, Ali Houiellebecq, Brant Tilds, Richard Chamberlain


...Great Night, especially, Orange Street!

...What a great evening at Wells - I love the CD as well.

...while I was listening I detected, at various times, hints of - Kid Creole and the Coconuts, Noosha Foxx, Millie singing my Boy Lollipop , Syreeta, Selecta , Carmen Miranda and Colourbox....and thats just the ones I could name

...The lead singer, Saffron Paffron has a gorgeous cutie-pie voice and a lot of charm.

...The rest of the audience commenced the dancing immediately. It was the sort of music people refer to as 'infectious' and for once I could completely see why...

...by the end everyone was skipping about, swinging their arms, swaying etc etc- all those crazy dances people do to jolly music when they have given up trying to look sexy and alluring, and are actually just having a thoroughly good time.

...You and the band were FANTASTIC! Thank you SO much for playing at Creake Abbey this Monday for our Jubilee celebrations. The committee has received many heartfelt emails saying how wonderful it was to have your music and a real street party to mark the Diamond Jubilee. The atmosphere was fabulous. We were incredibly lucky with the weather and after a slightly reluctant start the dancing never stopped!


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